REBLOG: Scarecrow Popped Up in Los Angeles

Just totally loved this poem – it captures so much that is relevant in today’s world in beautiful words and prose… a pleasure to read over coffee this morning! 🙂


O at the Edges

I learned early this morning that my poem “Scarecrow Calls Out the Man” had been reprinted again, this time by CityWatch, a publication out of LA devoted to politics, perspectives and participation. I’m thrilled that Scarecrow’s voice is resonating…

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Shimon Peres was in a tight election race against Benjamin Netanyahu in April 1996. He thought a little war in south Lebanon would improve his dovish image and so he launched “Operation Grapes of Wrath.” On April 19, 1996, Israel attacked the U.N. camp in Qana killing 106 civilians. “We did not know that […]

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My heart still aches for that once holy land… the streets awash with the blood of innocents…


Jojo xx


Just a really interesting perspective on lives in Palestine/Israel… thank you.

Cathy Sultan blog

It isn’t often that I post an article by someone else but Amira Hass who writes for the Israeli daily Haaretz  is always an exceptionMuch of what you’ll read below can be found in my book Israeli and Palestinian Voices: A Dialogue with Both Sidesbut I think it has more of a punch when it comes from one of Israel’s premier journalists.

Amira Hass Aug 30, 2016 3:17 AM
A list of the people’s daily fears under democratic Jewish military rule in the West Bank:

* That soldiers will descend from a pillbox armed to the teeth and fire at me. Or at my daughter, or my husband.
This happened in Silwad late last week. Ultra-Orthodox soldiers from the Kfir Battalion in the Nahal Brigade were extremely fearful for their lives and shot Iyad Hamed, 38, who was walking in his village – in his…

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Where does it hurt?

Where does it hurt?


Remember your parents asking you that question when you were young, when you had just fallen off your bike, or out of a tree?

My parents don’t really ask me that question anymore but when I saw an article in SoulPancake with that same title, I thought I’d have a look online to see where it hurts in the world today.

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Just appreciating that there are people out there who recognise the human rights violations in Gaza and the West Bank by the Israeli Government. Thank you to the author of this short, sad poem.

O at the Edges



We presume affliction by census,
whereas light

requires no faith.
Is the roofless house a home? When you call
who answers? The vulture

spreads its wings
but remains on post. Shifting,
I note minute of angle, windage. No

regrets, only tension. Breathe in. Exhale.


“Gaza” first appeared in July, 2014, and is included in my chapbook, If Your Matter Could Reform.


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Ignorance breeds hatred. Learn, and love.

Joanna HH – lover of life, utopian dreamer, free spirit, blogger


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A comment on “With guns you can kills terrorists. With education you can kill terrorism.” ~ a quote by Malala Yousafzai, Pakistani Children’s and Women’s Rights Activist. Read more here: