paint u a picture

wish i could paint u a picture of the sky this evening; sat on this balcony in this place of grey hills.

and out to my right, a grey plateau hides half the vision; but behind are two tall tree tops, silhouetted, bending forth in the fresh wind.

and beyond…
the clouds streak across the same horizontal line in vibrant faber – peachy, underbellies against a backdrop of the palest blue;

sun has already sunk low.

i lift my eyes and see the mottled cotton wool in darker shades of blue, sun’s rays not quite reaching this far.


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‘Sunset’, Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia, 2015

Bed’s warmth calls again


The sun was rising, a haze filling the skyline ahead
The frost kissing the grass, leaving it’s gentle sparkle
The low cloud hugging the hilltops as we drove along
Eurythmics serenaded us as our dreams slipped further away
While work drew closer with every second
Exciting but dismal as our days stretched before us
Sweet thoughts of turning back round,  running to the warmth of bed again
But alas, with money comes responsibility
and nothing in life is free
So we wind our way into the city, leaving peace for the day
Only to return when we have nothing left to say
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Burn again?

Whispers in my head
A glance to my left
I see you there
Sleep blanketing you
Purrs heard in contentment
Streams of light
Flicker through the blinds
Small birds sing their peace
With their world
And I lie here wondering
Which way to turn
What to do next
If I’ll burn
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Facets of cherry coloured berries

Cherries and berries
Peaches but no pie
Multi coloured facets
Of shapes and patterns
Fill our eyes
Explosions of colour
Clouds, sky, rustling leaves of trees
All are chalk drawings
Standing out against the ground
Of grey human nature
Rigid rules
Under the weight
Of vibrant iridescence
Sweet as cherries and berries
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Whirlwind inter-connectivity

The world runs rivers
To the seas
The earth crossed with blue shades of arteries.
Pulsing lives
All intertwined
All connected
Nothing planned
Nothing certain
Constantly shifting, changing course
Joining others as they make their choice.
Our souls run this path also
Colliding with one another in serendipity
Some join and flow together for all time
While others move from one branch to the next.
Fortunate souls are those who compliment their counterparts
If they do not, they are bound towards a steep drop
A sharp decent into churning, violent water
And then calm
When all bubbles have cleared.
And these souls, this river containing us
Will continue to glide
Picking up other streams by the way side.
On and on we flow, a never ending cycle
Each of us so minute, so minuscule
In the scheme of things
So why waste time on foolish emotions
Just get on with the party
Get on with your life
Make peace
And thrive.
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