REBLOG: When actions speak louder than words…

When I first started working in Luxembourg, one of the top Managing Partners of a law firm gave me a piece of advice: “I operate with one rule, if you don’t want something to end up on the front page of a paper, then don’t do it”.

While it sounded alright, at the time it seemed a bit much – I was from London and I wasn’t used to the size of the market. He was a Partner at a tier one law firm and I thought it was probably more key for someone with that position; after all, in London…

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REBLOG: Inventors Who Invented Water-Powered Cars, but were Killed or Forced to End Their Work

I was recently having this discussion with a friend of mine… the powers that be just won’t let us take care of our Mother Earth – it’s horrendous!

Here are a few videos of interest:

Inventors Who Invented Water Cars


What are your thoughts on this? Is this a conspiracy theory or do you believe there is fire where there is smoke?

Jojo xx


Shimon Peres was in a tight election race against Benjamin Netanyahu in April 1996. He thought a little war in south Lebanon would improve his dovish image and so he launched “Operation Grapes of Wrath.” On April 19, 1996, Israel attacked the U.N. camp in Qana killing 106 civilians. “We did not know that […]

via BLOOD, FIRE AND SLAUGHTER, QANA 1996 — Cathy Sultan blog


My heart still aches for that once holy land… the streets awash with the blood of innocents…


Jojo xx

Where does it hurt?

Where does it hurt?


Remember your parents asking you that question when you were young, when you had just fallen off your bike, or out of a tree?

My parents don’t really ask me that question anymore but when I saw an article in SoulPancake with that same title, I thought I’d have a look online to see where it hurts in the world today.

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Until I find you I will be dating the ocean and its breeze

Until you find me flirt with every cycle of the moon as you breathe

Until I am ready for you I will be kissing the sun good morning and good evening

Until you are ready for me make love to the seven seas but tell them you will be leaving

Until I hold you I will be burying my sorrow in the wet sand

Until you hold me don’t let the winds take away all your strengths

Until I see you naked with all your wounds and gifts, I will be counting raindrops till we meet

Until you see me naked with all my wounds and gifts, wait for me by the sea and when I am ready I shall arrive, this time I will be free.



I found the poem above while browsing online and it just struck me as beautiful, so thought I would share. I think I would edit it slightly but there are some lovely images portrayed here. Proper romantic at heart me, really, despite all the cynicism! One love xxx