I really enjoy the World Food Programme’s (WFPs) “Stories”- not only are there some beautiful yet heart breaking images, but also real people’s stories as well as the facts about the situations that many people are currently facing across entirely different countries, for entirely different reasons, worldwide.

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My sister; making waves for women in Palestine!

Lily Hartmann

Asira Al-Shamaliya: Vlog 4

Lily was one of just two girls who joined the http://www.skatepal.co.uk team of skateboarders who went to Nablus, Palestine, in August this year to build a skateboarding park for the local children.

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Skate for Peace with SkatePAL!

Lilly Boarding

This little lady, above, is one of my skate boarding sisters, Lilly ❤ ❤ ❤

You know already our connection with Palestine… well, Lilly is taking it a step further by connecting two of her passions – skateboarding and Palestine.

This week she just set up a crowd funding campaign to raise money for this insanely amazing charity called SkatePAL.

SkatePAL is a small charity whose main focus is improving the lives of children and young people in Gaza and the West Bank through skateboarding.

This year, SkatePALs goal is to go to a small village in Gaza to design and build a skatepark, as well as teach skateboarding / woodwork / building / design / art to the locals who are interested.

In a place that is stricken by war and poverty, projects like this are a lifeline for the disadvantaged youths who live there.

Please show your support – there’s plenty of good perks that will also make great presents for loved ones if not for yourself!

Peace and love, not just from me, but from Lilly, SkatePAL and the Children of Palestine too xx

Crowd funding page: Indigogo

SkatePAL website: https://www.skatepal.co.uk/