New word wonder…

Someone recently called me pulchritudinous – I thought they were being rude! 

Still learning, every day… 

After I looked it up, I blushed – and humbly said, “Thank you”… I have never been amazing at accepting compliments, lol.


6 thoughts on “New word wonder…

    1. Awww thanks dad… I never know how to take a compliment, and you know I don’t think of my physical image too often as the current standard of “beautiful”, but there is something about me, and if someone can see that, I am grateful 😀


    1. LOL was a surprise to me… someone called me “pretty” last week, and I didn’t know what to say, except “thanks”… I am often surprised when someone looks at me on a physical level… I guess I see something deeper in people?


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