Really enjoyed this blog post this morning… brought sunshine to my face 🙂

Diary Of A Traveller

Due to the monsoon season in the Himalaya, I decided to take a break from the long journey which the ending is unknown to me. The Himalaya was covered by thick clouds and the rain was pouring endlessly. So I escaped the sadness of the Himalayan weather and flew to a small European country called Slovenia to catch the happy, sunny and blue sky. As usual, I have no plan at all when I crossed into the European continent. All I know is that I should keep moving and keep getting the unexpected experiences, life experience that is valuable to me, let it be good or bad. Things can be good or bad or both, depending on which angle we look at it… its all relative, nothing absolute…

_dsc0140 Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia

_dsc1902 Logar Valley, northern Slovenia

_dsc0232-copy camping near Logar Valley

I realized that since the past few years, my writing…

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