I have been thinking on this topic for the last year or so now, but was never really able to put it into words what I was actually feeling or thinking. This lady sums it all up quite nicely – yes, I miss touch a lot… I can’t live without it…

I do tai chi regularly — everyone in my class has partners or kids, someone they can touch regularly… I told them this, and asked them if they would be my “hug class” as well as my tai chi colleagues; now, almost every week, I get at least 5 hugs, twice, on two separate days off these acquaintances — and they love it just as much as I do! My family don’t live anywhere near me either, and my partnered friends are always busy, and my parent friends too; so I really appreciate my “hug class”!! 🙂 ❤

Here are just a couple of poignant points from the blog post by Emma Lindsay (and thank you, Emma):

“[…] If you’re single, and you complain about being single, you’ll normally get some advice about learning to accept yourself before being able to be with a partner. […]

I’ve gotten my life to “workable” and that’s fine. All that bugs me about it, is there’s a sort of reverse causality assumed about the whole thing. My partnered friends think because they were well put together they attracted a partner, but I think having a partner makes it easier for them to be well put together. Thing is, I remember what most of them were like when they were single, and most of them didn’t handle it well. And, they didn’t come to terms with being single and enter some magical zen state of balance, most of them found someone to date, and then after that they found balance. […]

But anyway, the part I actually find hard about being single is that I never get touched, and this is always overlooked and undervalued. This is where the myth of self sufficiency breaks down. […]”

Click here to read the full article: Being Single Is Hard

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2 thoughts on “REBLOG: Being single is hard

  1. I love this post.

    Given the statistics, more people prefer to be in a relationship precisely because of this… I read that somewhere and I agree! I’m single too – but I have a lot of hugs and I love hugging!! Anyone around me gets a hug and I have no shame in asking for hugs from my co-workers – I think I work in a really nice place which is why I feel so comfy asking for this. My favourite people to hug are: 1 my twin and sisters and mum and dad 2 my friends – I hug all of my friends both male and female!! Often! – these sometimes include coworkers!! 3 coworkers who are coworkers and random people I meet 🙂

    Someone while I was walking to get lunch the other day – a complete stranger walking in the opposite direction, said to me ‘You look happy’ – and I beamed back, ‘Yeeeeah I am!’ and it’s because I hug people!!!!!


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