Such Carnage!

Just had to share this post, because it’s quite how I feel as well after all the events we’ve witnessed since Bush and Blair led us into that shamble of a war with Iraq in 2003…

God and religion have nothing to do with this for me – it’s about us humans, and how ignorant we can be, and because of our ignorance, we hate… for no reason that I can work out!


I am at a loss to know what I should call the heinous atrocities carried on in the name of a religion. Ramadan is such a holy month for the Muslims, and we are told that all the ‘satans’ are chained and imprisoned. Who let these rabid dogs out? How many more blood baths? How many more mothers who would lose their sons and daughters and grandchildren and babies? Why do these animals call themselves Muslims? They are not Muslims. They are people without souls. They are murderers, who think they are Muslims, and hide behind the false pretense that by such murders and killings they will attain martyrdom. What a joke!  They are not going any where near Paradise and I am sure, Hell is too good a place for the likes of them.

They carry a small black flag that says, There is only One God and Muhammad is His Prophet!…

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2 thoughts on “Such Carnage!

  1. I found the comment box. It was in a different part of the post. Me, creature of habit, has such glaucomatous eyes, not searching in other places, but just looking only with a tunnel vision, straight ahead! Pffft!
    Thank you so much for sharing my post. I appreciate your thoughtful comment on it on my blog. Great to know you.


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