I built this…

I built this over the weekend…

IMG_3381A-frame shelter built at Survival Training Course weekend #nofilter


My friend, Alayne, and I decided to do a Survival Training Course over the weekend. We built this together from the materials surrounding us, and it kept us warm and dry on Saturday night, especially with a little wind break and fire.

These were our instructors at Survival School:



Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.

  • Xun Kuang, a Chinese Confucian philosopher that lived from 312-230 BC. More information here and here.

And here’s a picture of Alayne and I with our fellow survivors in training:


We got up to all sorts, from fire making skills to water sourcing. Gutting and/or skinning, then butchering trout/pigeon/rabbit, with knife or just our bare hands. Cutting techniques and related knife laws, and sawing. Foraging and cordage making, as well as a sneak     preview into ‘primitive crafts’ aka primitive weapons such as the bow and arrow, spears and the atlatl, and building traps and snares. And finally, natural navigation.

Writing that down now, I’m exhausted just reading it… we had a real good laugh, and the whole weekend was filled with a lot of good people, humour and smiles. I learned so much, and of course, am now looking at what other training courses I may get onto next. Watch this space!

For now though, I’m going to take an incredibly long bath and chill the hell out. After all, I still have to go to work tomorrow morning – no rest for the inspired!


12 thoughts on “I built this…

      1. maybe when I reach India one day I’ll get the opportunity to show you in person how to make one 😀 after all, I do back pack rather than glamp it up 😉


      1. All good this end! Living in Europe, I don’t have much of an “outback” here, so have to look at courses like this, but they’re still great learning experiences, as well as mini getaways from the city 🙂 glad you’re back on yer feet matey – never easy climbing outta black holes but once you’ve done it… sweet! One love


      1. Cool! I’d love to know how you go. Currently I’m camping near a small town here, and very much enjoying even just simple resource management and how living outdoors forces me to acclimatise.


      2. It’s amazing what one can learn when one has to rely only on the resources available- just love the challenge! Your journey sounds very interesting and I’d love to hear more! Keep in touch you!


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