When girls make all the difference… for other girls

When girls make all the difference… for other girls

When my younger sister, Lilly, first told me that she was going to Palestine, I thought she was nuts… all those images of dead or damaged people, with limbs blown off, and bandages all over the faces, as well as images of children and women screaming, in pain, whether physical or emotional – all those images popped into my head.

(I still wonder how Israel is reportedly the 11th “happiest” country in the world when they are the same country as Palestine, yet the Palestinians, specifically ones living in Gaza, are stuck in the “largest open air prison in the world” – ironic some?)

As I mentioned in my previous posts, My sister; making waves for women in Palestine! and Skate for peace with SkatePAL, Lilly is not only training to be an architect, but she’s also an avid skateboarder, and activist for women’s rights (among other causes).

So when she came back after 2 months of hard work in sweltering heat, I understood from her stories, and that of her co-volunteers, exactly what her experience was like, as a woman, a non-Muslim woman, in a male-dominated sport, as well as that part of the world.

She is inspirational – and here’s an interview with her, and the only other female co-volunteer, explaining more about the situation out there, their hopes and dreams for the future, and especially in relation to making male-dominated sports and careers more accessible to women.

LINK to Interview: When girls make all the difference… for other girls

You can follow Lilly on Twitter @lillyheinhart – she’s quite the inspiration 🙂




7 thoughts on “When girls make all the difference… for other girls

    1. Sorry, was that confusing? I’ll change it slightly so you can clearly see the link… but FYI it’s the sentence above this bit at the end of the article “You can follow Lilly on Twitter @lillyheinhart…”

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      1. Great! What did you think of the SkatePAL project? I love the empowerment. Did you see the articles about girl boarders (skate and surf) in Iran? And the girl skaters of Afghanistan too? Fabulous stories, inspirational!


    1. Hello lovely – yes, I’m well into the empowerment thing. As long as one doesn’t hurt anyone, go do what you want to do in your life! Shame poverty, religion, sexism and other such variables often prevent people from having those opportunities. But hey, the stories of the fighters, the ones who sacrifice all – those are the stories that help break the mould.

      Hope your weekend was as fantabulous as mine! Will write a little blog post about it soon 🙂 happy Tuesday AD 😉

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