Meditation: the challenge of silencing the mind



11 thoughts on “Meditation: the challenge of silencing the mind

    1. A good question my dear! I found this to be a good response:

      1. Soul is the spiritual nature of man while mind is manโ€™s faculty of thinking and reasoning.
      2. The soul is considered as the essence of man while the mind is in charge of manโ€™s consciousness and thoughts.
      3. Our desires stem from our souls while our minds decide what actions to take in order to achieve our desires.

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      1. You can use different words in an attempt to separate the mind and the soul, but without the mind, there is no soul. They are not separate entities. The soul resides in the brain and is controlled by the mind — it’s just another part of the brain . They are one and the same. When the mind dies, so does the soul. I guess my next question is , when the soul dies, what happens to the mind? Can the mind exist without that part of the brain that contains the soul? Yes, it can, but that usually means the mind is sick, like with depression.

        And now my brain hurts from thinking too much… ๐Ÿ™‚


      2. LOL good points. For me, there are actually three points to consider – mind, soul/heart and body. I’ve never thought of there being “a part of the brain that contains a soul”. I think the soul resides in our being, not in the mind – the mind is the most amazing tool any living creature could have, but especially humans as it is their defence as well as their weapon of choice. For me, your soul still exists even after your body and mind die. I always think of the soul a bit like this, “where does a flame go when it is blown out?” Does it cease to exist? Does it get transferred to another plain of reality? Is it split into different chemicals? For me, the soul is very much a heart related thing – it is also our unconscious, our subconscious and our conscious… none of the three can maintain wholeness without the other two around, and the same can be said for mind, body and soul. But then, I think you and I see the idea of “soul” as completely different – you believe that it is a physical part of the brain whereas I believe it is each individuals spark of life, what makes each of us unique. A soul encompasses emotions, thoughts, feelings and actions, the ethereal… the subjective side to each of us. I wish I could discuss further, but my boss will kill me if I don’t get this report done now… ha! I guess if I were dead, then I believe that my soul would live on, until it found way back into life again (I believe in reincarnation rather than what I was taught in my upbringing about heaven and earth…). LOL gotta go… peace dudette!

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      1. Ya, totes… it’s what makes this world amazing – the variety of life on it! Mind you, there are a few people’s morals I would question… but then, without the bad shit, we would never appreciate all the awesome shit ๐Ÿ˜€

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