“I have heard and read different opinions about the wave of Syrian refugees who try to make their way in to the EU. Then I went to Lesvos. 7 days on the Greek Island gave me a healthier, human perspective on the situation.

Seeing the people behind the headlines with my own eyes, and feeling their deep struggle, broke my heart.

Are they the “threat” people talk about? All I saw were courageous people in a time of crisis, looking for hope.

I also got to meet brave volunteers from all over the world who reach out to help all people regardless of their religion, race or background. That inspired me.

My hope is that this video might tear down some of the walls of bad ideas and opinions we have built around ourselves.”


4 thoughts on “REBLOG: People of nowhere

    1. Thanks but I believe the thanks should go to the photo journalist… the plight of these people – my heart broke as I watched this. Images are so powerful. Be well, for we are blessed. xx


  1. You are right, and the people who go and help. The faces of relief on your video were so inspiring. My brother-in-law in Germany fosters an Afghan girl, and the rest of her family arrived last month, via this crossing; we are so thankful they arrived safely, but pray for those others who do not. Blessings, Julie

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    1. It restores my faith in humanity when I hear things like that – thank you, to you and your brother! 🙂 Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas season, and hoping that light is at the end of the tunnel for all the people suffering out there right now! Jo


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