My generation does give a damn about climate change, says 14 year old activist.

It would be nice to think that all parents out there might encourage their children to think about being one of Mother Nature’s heroes, just like this 14 year old!


“[…] When a city council comes face to face with you at six, or even at 14, are they shocked? How is the response to you different than it is to an adult?

People listen to me more, because I stand out. They see a young person addressing issues that adults are afraid to talk about. There’s a lot of cowardice in adults speaking up about issues that matter to them.

But when people hear this stuff from me, you see them realise, “So every problem that we see in the world is going to be left to this kid and his peers? How can we change that?” […]”


I live in hope that the next generations are less ignorant than those that have gone on before now, including my own generation.

We only have one world, and it owes us nothing – we owe it everything.



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