Sparkonit posted this article just the other day: Married Couples Less Healthy Compared to Singles

Over the last few years I’ve also read another article, with a title along the lines of “Married Women Die Younger than Single Women”, so I tried to locate this article online, but unfortunately haven’t been able to do so to date…

I did however come across this article from The Harvard University, USA: Why Women Live Longer than Men

I thought these to be a couple of great paragraphs:


“It seems likely that women have been outliving men for centuries and perhaps longer,” say Perls and Fretts. Even with the sizable risk conferred by childbirth, women have outsurvived men at least since the 1500s. Although, in the United States between 1900 and the 1930s, the death risk for women of childbearing age was as high as that for men. Since then, improved health care, particularly in childbirth, has put women ahead of men again in the survival struggle, as well as raising life expectancy for both sexes.

A longer life doesn’t necessarily mean a healthier life, however. While men succumb to fatal illnesses like heart disease, stroke, and cancer, women live on with non-fatal conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, and diabetes. “While men die from their diseases, women live with them,” Perls comments.


Although women can expect to live longer than men, the gap is closing. Death rates have begun to converge in the past 20 years. Some researchers attribute the convergence to women taking on the behaviors and stresses formerly considered the domain of males — smoking, drinking, and working outside the home.

For example, Perls and Fretts point out that deaths from lung cancer have almost tripled in women in the past 20 years. One study concluded that, on average, middle-aged female smokers live no longer than male smokers.

“Smoking,” Perls and Fretts conclude, “seems to be the ‘great equalizer.'”


So, now you know! 🙂


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