You left the house as usual the other day.
Except there is nothing usual about what happened,
After you boarded the plane.

The anguish I saw in your father’s eyes
As he held your teddy to his chest like a prize.
The tears of pain your sister shed –
The anger that then filled her head;
The torment etched on your mother’s face –
How could you leave us all in this state?

You’re not the first, we know this –
And you won’t be the last.
More than 60 British women lost,
Without trace,
To the ideals and hypocrisy of the Islamic State.

You’re all 15 yrs old!
You know what I was doing at that age?
Discovering my Life,
my Self,
and, of course, battling with teenage rage.

For you to feel it necessary
To bear the children of Jihadi fighters –
Soldiers for sons and wives that were daughters –
I am heartbroken that you can’t see
They’re not only raping your minds
They are crossing every moral line.

And the cycle will continue
As you bring children into this world
and teach them it’s quite alright
For a man to marry a 9 year old girl,
To force women to think they have no choice
After we’ve fought for over a century –
To turn the tide of sexism –
For men to hear our voice.

You’ve taken us women 100 years back in time
When being independent of thought
Was considered a crime.

My soul aches for you,
For all who’ve been caught up
With this illusion
In this disgusting and deplorable war game
Where the cost of life will never be the same.

Sadly we choose not to learn from history –
It’ll repeat, again and again,
Till nature and animals
Are what remain.

2015-03-23 Teenagers who ran away to marry ISIS fighters are now pregnant and want to come home

2015-03-13 Syria girls: Video appears to show missing British trio

2015-02-25 Syria girls: UK trio ‘picked up by IS men’ – smuggler


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