Morning came, we packed up our gear, climbed into our cars, and headed off towards the cloudy horizon. The rain threatened to pour until we crossed the Belgium border, and took a break in the sun.

Restocked and refueled, we hit the road again, tunes blaring on the radio, the chit chatter of ‘good to take a break’ mums.

“There’s the campsite, by the river, and look, space enough for three tents in a row – let’s get set up, then get the BBQ on the go!”

Out come 240 vodka jelly shots, and the international group of ladies on a break away from life, don’t say no – down the hatch they blow.

We had singing and dancing, even swimming too! And as we got merrier I’m sure the neighbours were getting a good view,

of life as a woman, when pressing pause, just wanting some time, away from it all.


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