You would have loved it here in the early mornings – it’s December now, the frost is on the ground, on the rooftops, making trees glisten.

The fields in the distance sparkle in the morning rays and, in the estuary below, the tide has gone out, so all across the mudflats there are ribbons of twinkling water; and a gentle fog rolls across your vision.

The colour of the sky changed from velvet dark blue, and distant stars, to a vivid light blue, and the last of dawns colours.

I see the city on the other side, the tallest, greyest looking buildings poking up through a misty horizon, and the Pennines to my right, roiling low cloud hiding their bases.

How still and perfect it all seems from this kitchen window, and how I wish you could be here to share this morning with me.

…and wait till you hear the silence but for the birds twittering as the fly by.

I love the colours, the noises and the smell of this frosty winter morning; and I’m remembering them for you.


6 thoughts on “From the kitchen window, I remember

    1. Thank you, Bonnie – it’s the actual description from my parent’s kitchen window in a part of the UK… oddly I’ll be visiting again this weekend – I wonder what the view will look like this time around…


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